Most Popular Tequila To Help With a Sore Throat

Tequila has long been a widely consumed type of distilled alcohol in countries across the world. In the past five years, however, global consumption of this distilled alcoholic beverage has been steadily on the rise.

In this context, competition to take the title of the most popular tequila has become extremely fierce.

Some may be wondering: Is it even possible to declare one single winner, especially given the sheer quantity of new tequila brands that have entered this market in recent years? Or, what brand really is the most popular tequila in 2020?

Well, we have an answer. And we base this answer on real tequila sales data. Read on to learn who takes this prestigious title, and why the brand is the most popular tequila in 2020:

Winner of the Most Popular Tequila 2020:

With the help of Craft City, where you can order tequila online we found that the winner of the most popular tequila 2020 competition is Jose Cuervo. If you are reading this, then you have most likely heard of this extremely common and popular tequila brand.

Jose Cuervo’s widespread level of popularity can be attributed to the fact that this brand is owned and operated by a huge and dominating player in the wider spirit and alcoholic beverage industry: Proximo Spirits.

Proximo spirits was founded in 2007 by a wealthy family in Mexico. The company operates almost 20 different individual spirit brands, including Jose Cuervo, the most popular tequila in 2020. In the U.S. alone, the biggest market of tequila consumers, Proximo Spirits holds nearly 30% of the tequila volume sales.

This makes Proximo Spirits, and Jose Cuervo, the number one most widely consumed, and thus most widely popular and famous tequila brand on the market. Add the very appealing and affordable price point of Jose Cuervo compared to other brands of similar taste and quality, and you have a clear winner for the 2020 competition.